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Carbide progressive stamping dies are designed to fit your application and volume needs.

Designed for Performance and Reliability

From stamping tooling and special fixtures to carbide punches, carbide bushings, and other replacement components, Oberg has been designing and manufacturing precision, quality tooling for over 60 years. Our experience tells us that there is nothing constant in precision manufacturing and we are reinventing our capabilities in this area to better serve our growing list of customers.

Progressive Stamping Dies

We design and build a variety of precision metal stamping and forming dies to meet your application and volume requirements. Customers demand flexibility when purchasing stamping tooling from Oberg and our series of die design and build options will provide you with the right tool tailored specifically for your application. Please contact us directly to find out more details.

Die Automation Controller (DAC-2450)

The DAC-2450 is our second generation die controller that provides advanced controls to achieve maximum performance from your interlocking lamination stamping dies.


Modular Stamping Dies are designed to manufacture a variety of part configurations from the same tool and are a model of our design excellence and creativity.

Modular Stamping Dies

These metal stamping dies are designed to cost effectively produce a family of components from one, modular die set. Individual tooling modules made from tungsten carbide and steel are self-contained and provide greater product design flexibility.

Primary and Secondary Scroll Dies

Series I and our new Series II scroll dies are engineered and manufactured to fit your requirements. Each can be easily integrated into most primary scroll shear lines without modification.

Design and Engineering Support

We support multiple CAD/CAM protocols and our engineers are skilled in Siemens PLM NX. Oberg engineers develop creative solutions to optimize design-for-manufacture. Stamping simulation analysis can be performed to verify product design before building any tooling.

Carbide Punches and Bushings

Oberg stocks a variety of standard and specialized carbide rounds, such as punches, die inserts, and pilots, that enable us to deliver components within 7 days. Special items can be produced once specific details are provided. Complete interchangeability of our die components is guaranteed. View our catalogs for more information.

Carbide Punches and Bushings Catalog

Replacement Die and Mold Components

Made from only premium grades of tungsten carbide, powdered metal, and steel, these Oberg tooling components are designed to lower your tooling costs and improve performance.

Tooling for the Metal Packaging Industry

Oberg offers specialized can tooling and services for the manufacture of food and beverage containers, including:

  • Cupper Tooling
  • Shell and End Tooling
  • Score Tooling
  • Necking Tooling
  • Flanging Dies
  • Curling Rings and Segments
  • Draw/Redraw Tooling