For over seventy years, Oberg has been a family-owned, private organization with a culture that emphasizes employee development and satisfaction. The result is not only happier workers, but also happier customers.

Employee retention = exceptional experience

Oberg employees like to stay, bringing their specialized knowledge and expertise to every job. In fact, the average tenure of our employees is 18 years. Many have been with us 35 years or more. And our leadership team is made up of workers who have been with the company over 20 years. With that deep devotion, some retirees return to pass on their knowledge through our apprentice training program.

An innovative apprentice program = superior skills

Developed over the course of 50 years, the Oberg Apprentice Program is a Pennsylvania registered, industry-recognized training program that ensures our workers are always at the top of their profession. Since the early 1970s, hundreds of Oberg employees have graduated through this intensive, paid-training program. Taught by Oberg mentors and accredited instructors, this state-certified two to three-year program begins with manufacturing foundations and extends through advanced training. Focusing on four main specializations, graduates receive their Journeyworker certifications in CNC machining, precision grinding, EDM wirecut, or stamping press operation.

Cross-training = flexibility

To provide exceptional support for our customers, Oberg’s talented workers are often cross-trained to work across multiple departments. This includes manufacturing and project engineers, scientists, CNC machinists, assembly and quality specialists, grinders and toolmakers, among many other metalworking specialties. Our unique training creates a culture that’s extremely customer-focused, instilling every worker with the responsibility for maintaining customer satisfaction.