Oberg is a trusted contract manufacturing partner to some of the world’s most recognized companies – helping them bring thousands of innovative products to market. Our highly-skilled employees stamp, grind, mill, turn, machine and design customized components and assemblies found in countless items that improve the quality of life for millions of people every day. You probably use products touched by Oberg’s manufacturing capabilities on a daily basis. From deep inside the earth or flying high above it, here are a few examples of what we do.


Oberg’s tooling dies produce billions of food and beverage cans manufactured around the world. The coins you put into the vending machine to purchase that can of soda were also likely made by the US Mint using Oberg stamping dies.

Beverage Can


Oberg’s machined components can be found in robots that assist surgeons in orthopedic procedures. We also make surgical instruments and implants used in knee and hip replacements.

The gasoline you put in your gas tank probably came from oil extracted deep underground using Oberg components made for directional drilling equipment. Your car engine, and even your windshield wiper motors, may be powered by components made with Oberg tooling.

The disposable razor you used this morning or the deadbolt on your door that you locked on your way to work likely has parts stamped from Oberg dies. The batteries you put into your flashlight were probably formed using tooling made by Oberg.

Oberg tooling is used to stamp components found on the commercial airplanes you fly on as well as in nuclear submarines, F-35 military jets, helicopters and M1 Abrams tanks that keep our military strong. We even machine parts being used on the new lunar landers returning to the moon.