Our ability to consistently deliver absolutely perfect, precision parts and assemblies is what makes us a trusted partner to many companies that must adhere to the highest quality standards. At Oberg, we understand precision inside and out, and whether our components are used for implant surgeries, airplanes in flight or directional drill heads two miles beneath the ground, our quality process does not allow any margin for error.

Quality control

From the beginning, we work with you to ensure that our inspection and control processes will meet your expectations for the final product. Our prototyping includes CPK, PPAP or validation studies. Our tooling is run-off, and the results are documented to your requirements. We monitor high-volume production for consistency and insure quality through sampling or automated inspection with a variety of statistical control processes designed to meet your specific standards.

Our extensive quality certifications:

  • Medical ISO: 13485, FDA registered
  • Aerospace: AS9100
  • Defense: ITAR registered
  • General: ISO 9001

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Our quality control equipment:

  • Bench Inspection
  • Vision Inspection
  • 3D Measurement – Coordinate Measurement Inspection (CMM)
  • Non-Contact (Laser Scan) Inspection
  • In-process Inspection Systems