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Capabilities Tour: EDM

Pioneers in EDM technology providing you with superior surface finishes and sub-micron tolerances.

By continuing to invest in the latest EDM technologies, Oberg provides customers with new advances for manufacturing a wider variety of components.
With advanced EDM technology, we hold positional tolerances to within 0.0001 inches (.002 mm) over a table travel of 24 inches.
We routinely use 0.004 to 0.010 inch (.10 to .25 mm) diameter wire to precisely cut radii to 0.003 inch (.08 mm).
Special work-holding fixtures enable electric discharge machining of multiple parts without operator interface.
Using robotics enables us to create EDM sinker work cells for increased production efficiency.
A magazine shelf capable of holding 80 electrodes and 8 pallets allows us to perform multiple hours of unattended EDM work.