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Metal Packaging


Food and beverage can tooling such as shell tooling, cupper tooling, and end tooling made from tungsten carbide, steel, and ceramics.

Can Tooling for Metal Packaging Industry

Our business is rooted in precision and quality. We have extensive experience with grinding and machining carbide, tool steels, and ceramics. We provide heat treating and -330° F cryogenics in-house, plus value-added services such as; pre-assembled tools, maintenance service kits, and custom delivery for JIT programs.

Primary and Secondary Scroll Dies

Our Series I and Series II dies provide design options to meet your production requirements. Oberg scroll dies can be easily integrated into most scroll shear lines without any modification. All die components are 100% guaranteed interchangeable.

Cupper Tooling

Oberg's proprietary method for machining contour – non-round - convolute blanking tools is the container tooling industry standard.

Shell and End Tooling

Every component is manufactured to the highest grade of true profile and concentricity for shell and end systems.

Score Tooling

Manufactured from high quality tungsten carbide and tool steels, these precision ground tools can sustain long production runs. Our score re-grind programs will maximize the use of your score tools. Ask us about our cost-effective reconditioned tooling programs.

Necker Tooling and Flanging Tooling

We manufacture this tooling from ceramic or tungsten carbide to meet the growing demands for multi-station necking requirements.

Curling Rings and Segments

These components are CNC machined to meet the highest standard of profile tolerances in the precision container tooling industry.

Draw/Redraw Tooling

Redraw dies, pressure sleeves, profile tooling, trim die and trim punches are made with select grades of carbide and binder for the material and application.

Wave Shear Grinding

Oberg developed this process to ensure greater cut-edge life. Available upon request for all tooling and regrind applications.