Markets Served

Our Industry Specific Expertise Gives You the Edge


Oberg has the people, facilities, and resources to handle prototype and first article development through launch quantities.


As a supplier to the automotive industry for over 25 years, we understand your needs. We respond with speed and accuracy.

Metal Packaging

Our expertise in this industry dates back to the 1940s. We provide both manufacturing and customized technology solutions.

Aerospace Defense

From our experience with a variety of metals and plastics to our state-of-the-art machining technology, we meet and exceed customer's expectations.

Housing & Construction

Our stamping programs, JIT delivery and strategic manufacturing locations provide you with parts ready for your assembly line.

Consumer Products

Our engineers make sure your parts are manufactured as efficiently as possible. Work with Oberg to quickly get your products from the drawing board to market.

Oil & Gas Exploration

From directional drilling components to engineered plastic components to other new processes and technologies, Oberg can quickly respond to the capacity needs of this market.