Case Study: Automotive


Process: Reel-to-Reel Plating

Alternative Process Provides Significant Savings.


Help a large automotive tier-one supplier reduce costs for producing an important electronic connector. The connector was being stamped by one company using pre-plated gold strip supplied by another source. Since much of the gold plated areas were scrapped during stamping, the part was costly to produce.


Our value-added/value-engineering team studied the part and developed an alternative manufacturing process. Instead of stamping from pre-plated strip, Oberg suggested stamping the part first and then apply the gold plating to only select areas on the strip. After this step was completed, the part was formed in a secondary stamping operation.


Oberg's stamping, plating and forming process successfully eliminated precious metal plating on scrap saving the customer $500,000 per year. Because Oberg was responsible for both stamping and plating, we were also able to improve deliveries and provide better quality control.