Flexible Teamwork Delivers Quick Solution for Orthopedic Assembly

Seeking a supplier who could meet the challenge of producing one of their most difficult-to-manufacture knee replacement instrument assemblies, a leading orthopedic company needed to deliver a solution to a high-profile surgeon with a firm deadline.

Within hours of receiving the order, Oberg’s creative manufacturing teams developed specialized 5-axis machining and “extreme angle” wire EDM programs to produce the components. To minimize part handling and maximize dimensional accuracy, special work holding fixtures were developed for seamless use throughout the manufacturing and inspection. Laser welding and passivation were also used in the final assembly.

Oberg Designs Automation System for Around-The-Clock Assemblies

Working with a surgical device company, Oberg was tasked with challenge to merge two processes into a single automated solution that could increase production and reduce costs for a key component used in robotic surgery.

Oberg’s Product Support Group, a team of experts in robotic automation and manufacturing design, was able to integrate Oberg tooling used to stamp wire-thin surgical staples into a stand-alone system that utilizes robotic arms to load the formed staples into cartridges, perform quality inspections in the process and then assemble the cartridges into various storage trays by size.