Freeport, PA – Oberg Industries, a full-service contract manufacturer of precision metal components, tooling, and stamping solutions, has a refined grinding technology called Molecular Decomposition Process or MDP® that is a featured topic in the May issue of “Gear Solutions” magazine written by Oberg’s Joe DeAngelo, Director of Technical Development.

Super-finishing of forms required to generate geometry like that of the involute of a gear is a multi-step process where gear blanks are roughed, heat treated, and ground to precise tolerances allowing for additional stock removal to occur in another value-added process to generate super-finishes to less than 1 Raµin. A solution that enables the rough and finish grinding to occur that consistently produces super-finished surfaces to less than 1 Raµin while maintaining precise geometries is Oberg’s Molecular Decomposition Process (MDP).


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Headquartered just northeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Oberg Industries is a diversified US-based manufacturer with over 700 employees specializing in the production of advanced, precision machined or stamped metal components and precision tooling. Oberg’s manufacturing footprint includes five facilities, totaling nearly 450,000 sq. ft., in Pennsylvania, Chicago, and Connecticut and is a strategic contract manufacturing partner for leading companies in the Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer/Industrial Products, Defense, Energy, Construction and Housing, Medical Device, Metal Packaging and Munitions markets.

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