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Capabilities Tour: Turning

From traditional to multi-axis turning and simultaneous milling, Oberg leads the way in small and large volume parts production.

Multitask CNC work centers with a 12 inch chuck and 60 inch bed lengths provide turning, milling, boring, and drilling in one operation.
An Oberg technician visually inspects a downhole drilling component for surface imperfections which is just one of many steps in our quality process.
In-house Swiss turning provides multiple operations including milling, drilling, and thread whirling to minimize or eliminate secondary operations.
Technicians use precision turning lathes to produce complex shapes and contours with surface finishes of 10 RMS (0.2 Ra µ).
High volume, CNC multi-axis, multi-task mill with 4 inch (0.101 mm) diameter bar feed capability.
We continue to find new methods for reducing production time and set-ups by using new technologies such as 10-axis turning.