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MDP Technology Featured In October NCDMM Newsletter

Reducing manufacturing costs and improving part quality are challenges facing today’s manufacturers of aerospace/defense components. Oberg Industries, a manufacturer of precision metal components located in Freeport, Pennsylvania, knows the demands of the marketplace very well and has developed a new technology, Molecular Decomposition Process (MDP), that when used in concert with a concurrent engineering environment will lead to the design of lighter weight components that can be manufactured more efficiently.

Oberg’s cutting-edge technology is more than just a burr-free, heat-free process that grinds or cuts 80% faster than conventional methods without introducing mechanical stress. MDP opens the door to producing parts that were often considered impossible to make and increases material choices for product designers while satisfying demands for precision and consistency. "Studies of material surfaces after applying MDP have illustrated that the true chemistry of the ground metal or alloy is present with no surface finish deformation as compared to conventional methods of stock removal," says Joseph A. DeAngelo, director of technical development for Oberg Industries. "This technology is an excellent choice to manufacture a variety of components for the aerospace/defense industry such as engine and transmission components, injectors, gear systems, ammunition, spool and body systems, and gas turbine blades."

How the Process Works
MDP is an extremely advanced form of electrochemical grinding that removes or cuts materials using an electrochemical action with an abrasive assist. The process utilizes an abrasive wheel that works with a steady stream of electrolytic solution and electric current. The electric current flows through the solution between a positively charged workpiece and the negatively charged abrasive wheel creating a decomposing action (known as anodic dissolution) that oxidizes the material’s surface at the point of contact. The oxidized surface is then wiped away by the abrasives in the grinding wheel and the cycle is repeated. Because the power supply and solution are tightly controlled, very precise cuts or grinds can be consistently achieved even to the submicron level. Stock removal is typically two to five times faster compared to normal grinding methods.

Other Unique Benefits
Consistent surface finishes in the submicron range
are attainable. MDP technology is a suitable choice when roundness, surface finish, crown height, and angularity are top priorities. Roundness tolerances up to 0.0003 mm and surface finishes on 0.05 Ra µm with a six-sigma quality requirement have been achieved.

Burr-free part production eliminates electro polishing and other secondary operations reducing time and manufacturing costs.

No micro fractures or fissures or other thermal effects are created. Being able to preserve the true structural and chemical characteristics of the alloys being ground is a huge advantage of MDP, resulting in higher-quality, longer-lasting components.

Summary MDP technology provides overall improved quality and cost savings for today’s manufacturers. This process is up to five times faster than conventional grinding techniques and can eliminate secondary processes like polishing or deburring. MDP is compatible with a variety of materials including titanium, aluminum, stellite, molybdenum, stainless steel, MP35N, Nitinol, and carbon steels. Thinner materials can be used for some parts, reducing material costs and overall aircraft weight. Parts are higher quality and last longer because the MDP process does not compromise the structural and chemical integrity of the materials being ground. MDP opens up a new universe of design and manufacturing options never thought of before. For more technical information, contact Oberg Industries, owner and developer of the MDP technology and manufacturer of mission-critical components. Call 724-294-1215 or email to

About Oberg Industries, Inc.
Oberg is a global manufacturer of complex, precision machined or stamped metal components. They excel at developing creative manufacturing solutions using a blend of traditional, advanced manufacturing practices and cutting-edge technologies to give customers a competitive advantage. The company serves a variety of start-up and Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, automotive, consumer/industrial products, defense, energy, housing, medical device, metal packaging, and munitions markets.