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Oberg's MDP Precision Grinding


Freeport, PA – Oberg Industries, a full-service contract manufacturer of precision metal components, tooling, and stamping solutions, has a refined grinding technology called Molecular Decomposition Process or MDP® that is a featured topic in the May issue of "Gear Solutions" magazine written by Oberg's Joe DeAngelo, Director of Technical Development.

Super-finishing of forms required to generate geometry like that of the involute of a gear is a multi-step process where gear blanks are roughed, heat treated, and ground to precise tolerances allowing for additional stock removal to occur in another value-added process to generate super-finishes to less than 1 Raµin. A solution that enables the rough and finish grinding to occur that consistently produces super-finished surfaces to less than 1 Raµin while maintaining precise geometries is Oberg’s Molecular Decomposition Process (MDP). Read more by clicking on this article link: