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Medical: Oberg Advantage

Stamping | Machining | EDM From One Source

Triple Double.


Oberg Medical's "Triple Double" includes over 50 stamping and hydraulic presses (5-400 tons); 30+ multi-axis mills, 30+ wire and sinker EDMs; as well as Swiss and CNC turning. We have capacity available for continuous production and launch/transfer volumes of stamped and machined components / assemblies.

US Operations | Costa Rica LCM Operations

We have three focused contract manufacturing facilities to serve the growing needs of our OEM partners. Oberg has made significant investments in quality systems, processes, equipment, and personnel within these manufacturing operations and we have the capacity and global footprint to grow and expand with our customer base. Our Low Cost Manufacturing (LCM) facility in Costa Rica provides transparent cost reduction opportunities for implants, instruments, and assemblies.

New Medical Building. Patella Stylus Assembly.

Location Core Manufacturing Competency Total Production Area
Pittsburgh, PA Milling, EDM, Turning, Assembly 250,000 sq. ft.
Pittsburgh, PA Precision Metal Stamping, Assembly 100,000 sq. ft.
San Jose, Costa Rica Milling, EDM, Assembly 50,000 sq. ft.


MDP® Advanced Grinding Technology | Burr-free | Heat-free Grinding and Cutting

MDP Grinding Technology.


Our Molecular Decomposition Process® (MDP) is a proprietary, non-contact grinding process that provides a burr-free finish and eliminates secondary operations, such as electropolishing, and produces a surface finish less than 1 RAµ. This process generates no heat or mechanical stress on the part being ground and is a good application for Nitinol (K-Wires), Titanium (implants/ instruments), Cobalt Chrome (implants), Stainless (stamped and machined implants, instruments and close tolerance hex drivers) and other difficult-to-machine materials/ applications.