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Conductive grinding wheels are produced with a documented control process to ensure repeatable manufacturing expectations. Specifically formulated for our MDPTM application, these wheels are a great advantage to all ECG systems.

Electrochemical and MDPTM (Molecular Decomposition Process) Cut-off and Grinding Wheels

VOLTRON wheels are manufactured by Oberg Industries and specially formulated to allow for enhanced conductivity. The close control of the wheel's conductivity allows for closer tolerances never before achieved in electrochemical grinding.

All wheels are monolithic and resin bonded and can be produced in various hardnesses to fit your individual application. A variety of abrasive media and concentrations can also be specified such as:

  • Cultured
  • Borazon
  • Diamond
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Polyamite Diamond
  • Polyamite Silicon Carbide
  • Polyamite Aluminum Oxide
  • Plated
  • AZT
  • AZT & Boron
  • Aluminum Oxide Hybrid (new technology)
  • Resin bond wheel with NT abrasive, diamond within a specified section

Supplied in Three Basic Shapes

Straight Wheels
For straight and form grinding

Plain Cup
For off hand grinding of single point tools

Flaring Cup Wheels
For a wide variety of tool and cutter grinding.
Additional sizes and custom shapes available upon request.

Wheel Sizes


Specially formulated electrolytes, packaged in 25 lb. plastic containers, are powerful enough to support very aggressive cuts yet gentile enough to minimize corrosion on fixtures and equipment.

Diameter: 1" to 14"
Thickness: 0.030" to 3.25"

Arbor Sizes

1/2", 3/4", 1 1/4", 3", 4" and 5"
Other sizes available upon request.

Technical Service and Support

Call Oberg to discuss your application. Tell us what material you will be working with and general application. Our technical service personnel will work with you to develop the right wheel formulation that will best suit your machining requirements. Typically orders are shipped within 10 days for most applications.

DTS-18 Electrolytes

Oberg manufactures electrolytes used for electrochemical and MDP grinding and cutting. The electrolyte is a specially formulated mixture of chemical salts and other additives that can be easily dissolved in water and is supplied in 25 lb. plastic containers. This electrolyte is powerful enough to support the most aggressive cuts yet gentle enough to minimize corrosion on fixtures and equipment. Same day shipment provided if orders are received by 1:00 p.m. EST.

For more information about Oberg's VOLTRON grinding and cutting wheels and special formulated electrolyte, please call 1-800-421-4025.