Case Studies: Metal Packaging

Process: Precision Grinding and Machining

Reducing Failure Rate for Metal Packaging


Unacceptable product packaging failure rates during the key retort process led one prominent end manufacturer to Oberg for redesigning and manufacturing tooling that would produce a stronger, more durable Easy Open End.


Working closely with the end manufacturer, our team of design engineers and tooling craftsmen studied the current process and developed unique and creative designs offering features to strengthen the Easy Open End Panel and Tab on their metal package. Oberg manufactured custom carbide and steel tooling based upon mutually approved designs and assisted with prototyping and product development.


Packages with newly created Easy Open Ends have now far surpassed the acceptable failure rates during the retort process. Our tooling redesign and manufacturing abilities enabled our customer to quickly implement these changes into their production lines, minimizing downtime and providing significant cost savings.