Case Studies

Market: Interconnect

Could it be possible to increase stamping production by 500%--it is if you are working with Oberg.

By leveraging our modular die design and stamping experience, Oberg increases production speeds without increasing labor costs.

Market: Housing & Construction

Oberg Keeps Production Line Running During Plant Closure.

A plant closure could mean missed deadlines or a loss in revenue. Quite the opposite is true when Oberg is involved.

Market: Consumer Products

Stamping Hardened Material with Ease and Speed Allows Company to Prosper.

Is it possible to increase production capabilities and reduce tooling costs if a company has thousands of dollars invested in older carbide tooling? Oberg says yes.

Market: Consumer Products

Printing the right solution makes headlines with major OEM

The Oberg team improved a part of a computer printer cartridge, bringing consistent reliability to ink jet printing.

Market: Medical

Complex Orthopaedic Instruments – Made Fast. Made Right.

The Oberg manufacturing team produced flawless instruments used for knee replacement surgery.

Market: Automotive

Alternative Process Provides Significant Savings

By changing the manufacturing process, Oberg is able to help a large automotive supplier reduce costs on an electronic connector.

Market: Automotive

Quality Improvement and Cost Savings

The Oberg team changed the production process used to make spark plug terminals, which improved their durability.

Market: Metals Packaging

Reducing Failure Rate for Metals Packaging

The Oberg team improved the quality of easy-to-open cans by improving the materials used in the manufacturing tooling process.